My elders say that, “Ne abɔbɔ yi nu gbe la, klo gbɔ wo dze na”. To wit, when the snail travels abroad, it finds shelter with the tortoise.

The snail and the tortoise are two creatures which move slowly but they find shelter or place of abode in each other. So when the snail lodges with the tortoise; it means there is a cordial relationship for their co-existence.

Every human like the snail needs a place of abode in each other. We enjoy it when there is relationship for co-existence.

I have experienced beyound doubt, the magnanimity ‘shelter’ of TOGBUI ATIKESE I, a man with several meaning.

When i lost my dad, i became emotionally and psychologically depressed. There was no moment i did not have a thought of his memory. Incidentally, that was a period TOGBUI ATIKESE I had also lost his both parents and a brother. You can imagine the pain.

At this point, and with all respect, permit me to call out the appellations of TOGBUI ATIKESE I so you are not confused in line with the story.

Togbui Atikese!

Togbui Dormenyotor!

Togbui Teyi titi – ele agume le ahiaviwo dzrom!

Togbui ɖa ŋku ɖi!

Togbui Kpɔe kple ŋku!

Togbui mi nɔ egblɔm!

Togbui Nutefeworla!

Togbui Kaleaofia!

Togbui Kalewortor!

Togbui Azinorgo K!

Togbui Teyi titi! might have heard of my story. I received call from him asking me to come to the Palace at specific time. Ersh! Me! I asked myself.
I began quickly to do inner – soul searching to find out if i had committed any ‘stupid’ offence. I realized i had not, but even if I had, I could not stop going.

Time conscious as i am, and being invited at spicific time and given his status, i could not miss the time. I set off and met Togbui Dormenyotor at the Palace. By the time i got there, i realized he was busy with others who had come to see him. To my surprise, Togbui ɖa ŋku ɖi walked to me and said, “give me five minutes”. I watched my time, and under five minutes Togbui Dormenyotor was with me.

TOGBUI NUTEFEWORLA , as usual, asked the questions and i narrated my story. Here was affable, humble down to earth personality, took turn, and gave me counsel and even offered to help. How?….help? ….How long has he known me?…I asked myself.
To be sincere, i saw my father-like in him.

Real generosity they say, is doing something nice for someone who will never find out. Yes, I could not see it coming. It was real as if I was dreaming. I saw affable, humble and down to earth – strong character – TOGBUI KALEAOFIA and was encouraged and relieved by his wise counsels.

Recently, i received a call from TOGBUI AZINORGO K. an ‘honour of invitation’ into HWINDO GROUPS of COMPANY. A company owned and managed by TOGBUI AZINORGO K. which is into Building and Construction with special purpose of Quality Sand Winning for Construction.

I was received with opened two arms by TOGBUI AZINORGO K. and his entire workers including Mr. Tengeh Prosper ( popularly known as Tengey mate kpa, ahor metena ekpe O. Amea le agbe wo de evor ene )…and Mr. Williams Kwarshie ( also known as Anyigba dzo mafla, agbo dzada me ta na ata anyigba O. ). We had fruitful conversations where we created lasting memories. I could count hundreds of workers all at point paying homage to TOGBUI ATIKESE . They exhibited the importance of TOGBUI DORMENYOTOR in their lives. They were glad to see him as he walked and shoke hands with them.

This is the man, TOGBUI KALEWOAEFIA. A good – hearted man. A man who keeps his doors open to all and does not discriminate. A treasure we, in MILENORVISI HABORBOR must hold firmly and celebrate each day, because your own brother cannot be on the fruit tree and you will eat the green fruits. Again, a hand that is used for thumping the chest in pride, does not remain on the chest forever. Truely, for TOGBUI ATIKESE that we know, he will not keep his doors shut to anyone neither will he keep the benefits to himself but will happily distribute it accordingly.

We must also know, just as our elders maintained that, the market is not full of traders on ordinary days; it is full on market days. Nobody can do it for us. We can make MILENORVISI HABORBOR GREAT with hard work. Let us own it as if it is our personal property in Union with TOGBUI DORMENYOTOR and his Executives. There, we will go far and share in its fruits.

We must not be like a child who wants to carry the father on his shoulders to see a horse. That will mean upsetting the orders of MILENORVISI HABORBOR and undermining TOGBUI DORMENYOTOR, the elders and the entire executives .

TOGBUI NUTEFEWORLA means well. He has ‘clean heart’ towards each of us.
The Parrot says, even if he is not bleeding, at least look at the evidence. The evidence are abundantly clear that TOGBUI ATIKESE IS A GOOD – HEARTED MAN.

For God works in man. We meet our God everyday. TOGBUI ATIKESE might be one. Let us celebrate him.


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